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Tampa Florida Fishing Charters is part of a business born more than nineteen years ago after founder traveled the state fishing tournaments and meeting guides and charters captains along the way. Only to realize they had no benefits, organization or security as a fishing guide. “It amazed me that they all have so much passion for what they do, but never knew where or when they would get another trip. That your only resource was the guide-owned websites and testimonials on review sites that were out of date,” said Founder, Todd Kersey. Often times, we found the guide’s boat was broken or in the shop, or the guide was not as qualified as they make themselves to be. He realized very early that many in the industry had no security, just a tremendous amount of passion for what they do. Fishing guides are amazing, without knowing them they make you feel safe, secure and many times become friends for life.

Tampa Fishing Charters is a subsidiary of iOutdoors, where the mission is and has always been to provide an amazing experience to the customer. By providing our fishing guides with a secure, consistent workplace. Providing staff and team of like-minded people closer together working one common goal. Which helps and provides a greater chance of conserving the natural resources we all love for future generations to enjoy.

iOutdoors furthers their mission by reducing the guesswork for consumers looking to book a fishing trip. No need to research the guide’s ability, knowledge, equipment, security in booking and customer service, it’s all backed with our award-winning 100 percent money back NO Fish, No Pay policy guarantee in freshwater. Today, iOutdoors provides fishing charters in over 364 locations from the Panhandle to the Florida Keys which is offshore, inshore & freshwater activities. We have now expanded to Tampa with the iOutdoors brand, servicing every coastal city in Florida offering inshore and offshore fishing charters.

Vetting Guides
In order to hire guides, Bass Online has created a multi-step process that includes but is not limited to:

  • Meet with the guide face-to-face, not via video chat, in order to get to know them as a person.
  • We look to understand what drives their passion for the work they do, and how we can help.
  • Ensure they believe in conservation and preserving the great outdoors for future generations.
  • We verify credentials: Are they insured, bonded, and have a captain’s license? Correct coast guard certifications? Equipment?
  • Do they have the experience needed to be great at what they do?
  • We talk to previous customers: How did they like their trip? How would they rate their experience?
  • We complete a detailed background search.
  • As a leader in the industry, we have to understand their reputation and reliability.
  • We heavily rely on our other guides: Would you send them business if you’re booked? If we had a group charter, should they call them?
  • Finally, iOutdoors management goes fishing with each them but we ever send the first customer.

iOutdoors has vetted and partnered with 200+ amazing guides around Florida. In addition, Bass Online is largest in all the major markets Orlando, Daytona, Okeechobee, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Naples.

The iOutdoors family of websites, launched in November 1997, provides consumers with easy access to Florida lakes and fishing information, then progressed to a booking engine, making it simple to search availability and purchase a fishing trip online. Users can toggle to the advanced search feature and search by lake or destination to target their specific species. Confirmations and payments are handled by iOutdoors, taking the burden off the customer and guides allowing them to focus on what they do best. In the itinerary, users immediately users can review the trip itinerary and easily communicate with the guides to confirm weather, times, etc.

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