Catch and Release! Save the day for other Marlin fisherman to come!
There is more to fishing that anglers should be and must be aware of. For those who do not yet know, recreational fishing has made a great impact on the fish population and their habitat. This impact has caused a decline of several fish species and is a problem that needs to be addressed immediately. One of the best ways to answer this problem is through the observation of conservation techniques when fishing.

Conservation Techniques:

Catch and Release

  1. Handle your boat properly while on the water. Fishing and boating always go together. No fishing can occur without the aid of a boat. However, when fishing in shallow waters, a boat can cause huge damage to a fish habitat. It can chop up underwater vegetation and stir up sediments that can affect aquatic vegetation.
  2. Fishing gear, especially lost or abandoned ones can harm fish and other underwater creatures. Lost sinkers made of lead can be toxic when mistaken for food and swallowed. Discarded fishing lines can cause strangulation or starvation when accidentally swallowed for food or tangled up with an underwater creature’s body part.
  3. Resist dumping garbage and other belongings in the water. Dirty water is poisonous and can risk underwater wildlife. Remember, whatever fish eat, you end up eating too.
  4. Always think about the possible invasion of non-native plants or species in your local fishing spot. Before heading home, make sure to rinse off your gear and shoes. Do not use live bait if it is prohibited and do not dump extra and unused bait into the water if it is prohibited. This can cause competition between native and non-native species. In some cases, non-natives have outnumbered native species because of these habits.
  5. When catching and releasing, make it an effort to handle your catch gently and carefully. Many fish that have been caught and released end up dying because of improper handling.

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